Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Miniatures Finished: Neighbors and Science!

Steady progress has resumed and, with Little Wars Melbourne 2016 on the way, plans are in motion, but more on that later. 

 Totoro, X-Ray (another U-Foe), Atomic Robo and Jack o' Lantern. 

 Lantern and X-Ray are both Clix from one of the better eras of sculpting, as such, I've only had to do a little inking work and touch-ups. 

 Atomic Robo is a 3D print, very expensive and of reasonable quality as a wargames miniature. I'm not sold on the printing process as of yet, I still prefer polystyrene and whitemetal. Totoro is a toy and another "celebrity civilian", he'll be standing at the bus stop or monorail station during display games. 

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