Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dubloons Under a Voodoo Moon

Last Saturday, my club ran a huge multiplayer Pirates game as the finale to our "Pirates in September" series of events. I was lucky enough to be the Chieftain of the Native Island yet again, but, me being me, I had to turn my little island into the coast of Wakanda. Black Panther, The Phantom and even The Doctor and Ace were set loose across the tables for a day of high seas adventure. The pictures below are those that feature Wakanda and other supers characters, rather than the 300+ of the whole game.

 The coast of Wakanda, sadly not my terrain. 

 The Black Panther protects his land. 

 The Wakandan village. 

 Cannons with Vibranium shot, anyone? 

 The Phantom helps the Dutch steal the Stargate, my kind of game! 

 "See Wakanda and die? That doesn't sound good..." 

Thanks to everyone who played and get ready for more Supers nonsense in your pirate game next year! 

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