Monday, September 19, 2016

Guardians of the Frozen City - Preview III

Got another game in a few nights ago, fun but more issues with the rules, more on that later. 

 The Guardians spread out to investigate magical resonance in the ruins.

A small band of locals has entered the same area, these primitives seem aggressive.

"Ok guys, spread out, but be careful." 

 "Hey, Quill, I got something!" 

 "Strangers from another realm! We must not let them take the wondrous items!" 

 "What the flark is that thing?"

 "Yes! Drive the worm towards them!"

"New plan Guardians, fan out and shoot everything!" 

"Don't pet it Groot, y'dast idiot!" 

 "I am Groot."

"I am Groot!" 


"Things have not gone according to plan..." 

First off, thanks to Neil (of the Little Lead Men of Valour blog) for the game, terrific terrain and funky worms to play with. Neil is always great to play with, he never gets antsy over bad luck and tends to roll poorly at opportune moments. In fairness, I'd had a bad day before this game, so I was a bit ranty throughout. It was a fun game, Frostgrave can be very fun with friends and provides plenty of opportunity for fun miniatures. 
Now down to brass tacks. There is no reason to ever cast any offensive spell other than Bone Dart. Sure, Mind Control is great, but it's a dice-off, which your opponent gets a bonus to, but Bone Dart is +5 straight away, why cast anything else?
The Shoot and Will stats are largely redundant, only one soldier in the core book has a different Fight and Shoot score, so Shoot could pretty much be dropped without affecting the game. Bone Dart and Arcane Bolt would need a quick re-word ("replace your Fight with +5 for this attack), and the Marksman gets a negative in close combat and we're done. Will seems like it should have had a bigger role, there are more than a few ways to boost it, but I'm yet to use it in a game. 
I'd really like a bottle roll for the warbands, it would make the game play quicker, even if just the soldiers have to make it. I get that it's up to the player to decide risk versus reward, but a game of Frostgrave shouldn't take all night. Other campaign skirmish games, like Empire of the Dead, Judge Dredd and Necromunda, work best because they're quick and a few rounds can be played in a night, seeing the teams develop quickly. 
Speaking of soldiers, there is no reason to take a Thief over a Thug; +1 Fight is always going to be more useful across the game than +1 Move, even if you just want someone to run around collecting treasure. Also, I'd like a "Big Guy" to hire, like an Ogre, Troll, Gnoll or whatever. Large Constructs and Demons are all well and good, but if we're going for a D&D feel, where's the Ogre Barbarian that we wrote for someone's little brother so that he could play without ruining our game? 
I'm going to keep playing Frostgrave, at least try the campaign once, see what all the fuss is about. However, I'll point out that I don't currently own any of the books and I'm not inclined to purchase them at the moment. 


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