Sunday, September 11, 2016

Guardians of the Frozen City - Preview I

"Rocket... why's that light blinking?" Peter Quill leaned over the console his Racoon friend was resolutely ignoring. 
"Don't worry about it, dast thing's been blinkin' for years and no one's died yet." 
"You sure, isn't that Badoon for 'Magic Danger' written in marker next to it?" Quill scratched at the antediluvian graffiti that marred the ancient computers of Knowhere. 
 "If it's magic, get Warlock," Rocket waved away the question and continued to tinker with a gun three times his own size, "goldenrod will tell ya if it's worth worrying about." 
"Fine," Quill rolled his eyes, "I'll go do that..." 

Minutes later the Guardians were gathered on a teleport platform, destined for a strange new world. 
"According to my divination," Adam Warlock spoke in a dramatic vibrato, "the mystically-frozen city on the destination planet is scattered with magical artifacts and creatures possessing dangerous levels of power. For the safety of the the primitive life-forms on the planet, we must collect and destroy everything we can." 
"Perpare to activate passport bracelets," Quill ordered. 
"I hate you, Quill," Rocket muttered. 

As I've mentioned before, I'll be using my Guardians of the Galaxy for my club's upcoming Frostgrave campaign. The warband isn't completely finished yet, but I've gotten a couple of playtest games in, so I'll be running a couple of previews until we get going in earnest next month. Expect AARs, short fiction (like above) and a few more painted guardians. A couple of teaser pics below with an AAR later in the week (maybe next week). 

Hope that whets the appetite! More next time when I'm on holiday!

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