Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Champions of the Ominverse: Part 13

Our heroes are returned to Avengers mansion in Limbo where, once again, Immortus has a task for them. A meeting between Drax the Destroyer and a group of "Space Orks" will inadvertently result in the destruction of a pair of satellites that are observing the sun and could help prevent the coming nuclear cataclysm. Not wanting to get into an extended battle with Drax, the team decides to arm up, with knockout gas grenades, a Quinjet and protective clothing. Immortus warps the Quinjet loaded with our heroes through time and they find themselves hovering over a grassy field. The sudden appearance of an Avengers' Quinjet causes ire and Drax takes off towards the team whilst they flounder in the eddies time. Once recovered, Sonic Tsunami weaves the Quinjet around the airborne Drax and the team lob gas grenades onto the Space Orks below, knocking out about half. 

Demonstrating his boundless power, Drax flies onto the Quinjet and punches through the door, ripping it aside and stepping in. Trying to help, the remaining Orks open fire on the Quinjet, managing to punch a few holes in the fuselage. Figuring that it worked out fine last time, Manzilla steps forward and freezes Drax in place with his Arctic Breath. Although Drax can, probably easily break free, it gives The Arsonist enough time to super-speed over with the memory-erasing headset and place it on the Destroyer's head. The team are zapped back to Limbo, most shocked that their plan actually worked for a change and none of them are hurt. Immourtus reminds them that some of the team will be great heroes some day.


Immortus shows them the next time node; a battle between the Fantastic Four and the Super-Skrull results in the destruction of an experimental reactor coolant that will contribute to atomic Armageddon. The team needs to delay Super-Skrull long enough that the coolant can be removed from the lab. Reluctant to fight the Super-Skrull head-on, the team takes their time to create a plan of attack. The plan is to use Stark Industries Image Inducers to trick the Super-Skrull into thinking that the Champions are the Fantastic Four and distracting him long enough to save the coolant and try not to be killed by the ultimate Skrull Warrior. Will the plan succeed, or will we be saying goodbye to one of the Champions of the Omniverse? Tune in next time to find out! 

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