Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Superhero Media: Defenders - Indefensible

As much as I enjoy the inherent silliness of superhero comics and praise the merits of Marvel Now! Hawkeye and Next Wave: Agents of H.A.T.E., I do have my limits on how irreverent I like my superheroes. Defenders - Indefensible takes it a bit too far for my linking. Dread Dormammu and Umar have teamed up to destroy... the universe? I'm actually not too sure what the end game is, Dormammu wants to become Eternity and Umar wants to fuck the Hulk and that's about as classy as we're getting. Doctor Strange, Namor and Hulk team up, argue a lot and manage to save the day somehow. Silver Surfer is at the beach, trying to surf and questioning existence. It's not the best. 

There is one decent joke, or at least there would be if it wasn't so often repeated, that Strange, Namor and Dormammu sound like idiots with their constant grandstanding and verbose soliloquies. Yes, it's funny, the first three times, but then it grates. Rule of threes people. Although the original Defenders line-up is fun to see and evokes the Silver Age, Indefensible is probably closest to the old "Not Brand ECHHS" stuff in terms of tone. I get that these characters are, by their very nature, over the top in how they are presented, I feel that a whole limited series was far more than needed to get this joke across. I suppose that Indefensible is at least better than Secret Defenders.  

Not much to say on this one, it's not that good and the jokes tend to fall flat pretty quick. It doesn't have the wry humour of Marvel NOW! Hawkeye or the non-sequitur irreverence of Next Wave. I'm usually keen for any amount of Namor, but the one presented here is a pastiche of the character rather than a solid representation of what he's like in contermporary Marvel comics. 

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