Monday, June 5, 2017

SS4 AAR: Outback Break House!

Looking at a SS4 campaign at NWA later in the year, so Ian and I got a practice game in to get back into the groove. 

The Equalisers have received word that an invading force of European Supers have landed in the desert, looking for something at an abandoned ADF outpost. Attempts to ward them off have failed and a super-powered battle starts! 

Scenario is Slugfest from the SS4 Rulebook, all characters are 85 Points.

(Sorry for the picture quality, low light stuffs my camera up)

 An abandoned ADF outpost sets the scene for this super-stouch. 

 Iceberg, Red and the Bog-dweller are looking for something... 

 Mindstorm, The Anachronism and Lucky arrive to defend the country. 

 Not sure of their opponent's abilities, the Equalisers move into cover and stick close. 

 The villains close in, Red and Mindstorm probe forward with their telepathy. 

 Iceberg lumbers towards the Equalisers, Mindstorm's mental blast having no effect on his glacial thoughts. Bog-dweller's claws rake through the Anachronism's armour, but this doesn't slow the knight down. 

 Red utilises her mental powers to put a Force Dome around herself, deflecting Lucky's incoming shots. 

 Iceberg's freezing breath stops Mindstorm in his tracks, but Anachronism's holy blade slashes deep into Bog-dweller's hide. 

 Even with her luck-manipulating powers, Lucky's shots can't penetrate the force shield that Red has thrown up around herself! 

 To prevent Lucky being trampled by Iceberg, Anachronism throws himself into the fray, relying upon his healing factor to protect him. Mindstorm has some luck breaking the ice trapping him, but not before Bog-dweller wounds him severly with his raking claws! 

 Mindstorm's amazing mental powers stop Bog-dweller in his tracks and the two struggle in a battle of brain versus brawn! 

 Seeing that Mindstorm is on his last legs, Lucky runs in to aid her teammate. 

 Success! Bog-dweller is knocked out! 

 Red uses her telekinesis to move Iceberg to threaten Lucky and the still-frozen Mindstorm. 

 Iceberg's crushing fists batter Lucky off her feet, but she just survives the assault. 

 Anachronism chases down Red and Lucky tries to fend off Iceberg, but the game is complete with a narrow Equaliser victory! 

A fun game with a friendly regular opponent (though mostly Firefight recently) that turned on a couple of dice rolls in the last turn. Love a close game. We made a couple of mistakes, but nothing game-breaking and I'm fairly certain we were doing it right by the end. I need to get the other Equalisers onto the table to get my head around their powers before the campaign starts. 

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