Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse - Part 14

Our heroes continued to plan and prepare strategies to fight the Super-Skrull, not knowing that they would be thrown directly into the battle. The team arrive on a rooftop opposite the Fantastic Four, who appear to be investigating a small space ship. Thinking that being polite worked for him last time, Spiderstrike approaches Marvel's First Family and says hello. Firenado spins a story about the X-Mansion being attacked and the X-Men needing help, Reed Richards is happy to help, as soon as he finishes investigating the space ship as he doesn't trust anyone else to do as good a job as himself. Reed calls over Koga for help, Koga being the team's resident scientist/engineer. As Koga looks at the ship, it seems oddly familiar for a second before a massive rocky fist punches a hole in his armour. 

Before the eyes of the team, the Fantastic Four shift shape and become the Super-Skrull and three Skrull soldiers! The soldiers open fire, blasting Firenado, The Arsonist and Gigawatt! In the following exchange of fire, Koga and Firenado are taken out of the fight. Firestarter runs over and tries to stabilise Koga, though more of his organs being outside than in may prove to be a problem.Spiderstrike charges Super-Skrull, wailing with all six arms and his "Spider's Bite" touch power, which the pride of the Skrull army shrugs off.
"Fool, you think your feeble powers can match the might of the Super-Skrull?" chides Super-Skrull,
"I'm willing to try... tubby!" returns Spiderstrike.
Super Skrull laughs in response and turns invisible. One Skrull continues to blast at Arsonist, the other two gang up on Spiderstrike, knocking him down onto the fire escape. 

Gigawatt activates a Stark Industries Image Inducer, now appearing as Mr Fantastic he ducks out from behind a rooftop air-conditioner and declares;
"Oh, I know what I need, it's at the Avenger's Mansion!" 
He then dashes off down the street. Spidersrtike throws knockout gas grenades, toppling one Skrull. Super Skrull appears behind Arsonist, grabbing him in a stretchy, flaming, rocky fist, crushing and burning the hero into unconsciousness. Spiderstrike vaults onto the roof of the parking garage, flipping on the Image Inducer to look like the Thing and shouting;
"Wait up, stretch!" 
Super Skrull takes off, flying after the "Fantastic Four", blasting Spiderstrike into unconsciousness, though the hero immediately recovers with his regeneration and calls Gigwatt on the communicators, checking on Super-Skrull's location. Spiderstrike turns the Image inducer to "Stan Lee" and moves towards his target at the same time Gigawatt turns the image inducer to "Sue Storm" and lobs a gas grenade at Super-Skrull, knocking out the last two Skrull Soldiers.

Dontcha hate it when they say "To be Hulk-inued" True Believers?

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